Disposable Bowls (500 ML) (10 GM/PC) (Clear)

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About Us

PenandPaper is one stop solution for all Office Supplies, born over a Coffee discussion on “Uncharted E-Commerce Sectors in India”. It was a funny evening for the Bunch of IT-Entrepreneurs gathered from Australia, US and India. A work-force team was formed and performed market study and sector Analysis for Office Supplies. It wasn’t an easy conception phase and after 7 months of Intensive Labor Pains and hard work PenandPaper was born on Aug 15, 2012.

We sell all that's essential for your office - and some extras besides.  We've thought about all the things you might need, which is why we stock more than 400 Items online store and are adding 50-60 Products every day. Our target is to bring to you every possible product required for your Office.

We love what we do and are extremely passionate about every product we sell; we want to make your shopping experience as seamless and simple as we can.  That’s the whole reason why we decided to build our web site as simple and easy as we could and masked the hidden, more complex bits behind the scenes. You would experience flawless flow of items as you navigate from one screen to another and our (so called) artificial Intelligence engines doing the complex bits for you.

We follow a simple and efficient culture in our Business and you would notice that all across our Website. You will be amazed by the promptness of our site, email notifications, reminders and customer support. We never promise what we cannot deliver so you can relax and place orders and give us the opportunity to serve you and we will not disappoint you.

We love doing things differently and are willing to commit that we will keep surprising you and our Competitors every time - For instance with our below Coming Soon range & tools (trying to hold the surprise factor as I write this :)

  • Green Products – Host of Products which are environment friendly and light on your pocket.
  • Price Compare – You don’t have to search 100 of sites to look for the cheapest, we do it all for you on a click.
  • Buy One @ Donate One – We love who we are and our community and have found an interesting way to give back to ones in need.  
  • Savings Calculator – We know we all love keeping the cost low, our Saving Calculator calculates your current  spend and gives you a summary of how much you would save from PenandPaper

There are 3 simple ways for you to place order with us:

1. With our secure PenandPaper website OR

2. Contact our 24 * 7 sales department at +91-9810238627 OR

3. Send us an email to

Happy Shopping

PenandPaper Team.