Disposable Bowls (500 ML) (10 GM/PC) (Clear)

Product Code: -Disposable Bowls 500 ML 10 GM/PC

Penandpaper Booklet

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You Buy One - We Donate One


Every product you buy we donate back to our Society

You buy one we donate one believes that organisations and society co-exist in socio-economic ecosystem and the way they interact has a major impact on every business. Businesses (big or small) consume resources within society and prospers based on demand and supply generated by the society. As part of our deep social bond, we as a business have a commitment to contribute to sustainable socio-economic development of our society. 

Society has always had certain expectations from business, and in today’s environment organizations are expected to do the right things socially and ecologically. These small right things may not have Instant visible Impact but if done consistently over a period of time does bring a change and certainly Impacts our surroundings. believes everyone should benefit from our socio-economic ecosystem and we strive to ensure that our products and services help and improve the daily lives of people in need. We believe that today’s scenario education is the best gift which we can give to our society.

Helping an Individual or a child in need ensures independence for the Individual which in turn makes a society and its country more prosperous and encourages Growth. We have put across lot of thought how can contribute back and we have started an initiate "You Buy One, We Donate One" which provides funds to charities who are active in this community. We jointly organise events with these charities to spread the word and bring people together towards this cause. We are glad to be associated with Disha, a NGO based out of Gurgaon, Haryana. 


Disha a young group of socialites has been working for years for the benefit of underprivileged kids in Malibu Town. The team runs a day school for the kids and teaches them daily. See them in action in their Facebook Page -

How does our Programme works?

It’s simple:-

So come join us and do your part for the society. If you wish to make contributions or donate for the needy write to us !!

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