Disposable Bowls (500 ML) (10 GM/PC) (Clear)

Product Code: -Disposable Bowls 500 ML 10 GM/PC

Penandpaper Booklet

Product Code: - Penandpaper
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What notification will I receive about my order?

You will receive two emails – one when you place the Order and Second once the Order is dispatched from our Warehouse. Order will quote our order number and your total transaction amount. The second email will quote the same order number and will confirm the items, descriptions, product code, quantities and prices of your order, as well as the billing and shipping addresses. The latter may not be sent immediately.

I haven’t received any emails about my order. What do I do?

You should receive two emails from us. Sometimes, some email software and/or internet service providers (ISPs) will mistakenly treat the confirmation emails as spam so check your junk mail folder in your email software. Also check your junk mail handling rules in case the messages are being rejected or deleted automatically. Finally check with your ISP just in case their spam filter is similarly rejecting or deleting messages. It may be that you have accidentally provided a wrong or invalid email address in which case the confirmation will not arrive. If this is the case, contact us quoting your name and approximate time of order and we can locate and usually resend a confirmation email. Though we cannot resend the email from the credit card company, but we can confirm if the transaction has taken place.

Can I add to my order?

This all depends on timing really. If you need to add an item to an order you have just placed, place the second order online. Then use the Contact us page to inform us that you have placed two orders. We will try and merge them together into one shipment for you, but we cannot guarantee to do so. For example if several hours have passed between the orders, it is possible that the first order has already begun to be processed and so it cannot then be modified. We cannot add to any order if the second order is placed using a different billing address or is to be dispatched to a different delivery address. They will be treated as separate orders, attracting, if necessary, separate carriage charges.

Can I cancel my order?

If you inform us quickly with less lapse of time, which is within a couple of hours of placing the order; we can stop the order and the card payment. However, if you place your order towards the end of the day, you will have very little time to cancel before the order gets processed. If we have already begun to process the order, we will try to cancel it, but if the item has already been shipped out, you will have to accept the order. In that case, see the question I don’t like the item, I want to return it (below), where you can seek the procedure to return the item for credit.

Can I change my order?

You may be able to, but again this will depend upon whether your order has been processed or not. If it has already been processed then we may not be able to change it. Instead we can arrange to cancel the item whilst you order the required item as the replacement. It is easier to do it this way than attempt to change part numbers on an order. If you need to order a higher quantity, place another order online for the extra quantity. If you need less than you ordered, contact us to seek a return of the unwanted quantity.


Where do you deliver?

We deliver to: The whole of the India. There are some locations which are not covered by our Shipping agency and we would not be able to deliver to those locations.

How will my parcel be delivered?

We are concerned with delivery and don’t trust anyone to do it but us! Therefore your parcel will be delivered by one of our dedicated delivery executive who is based in your area which means your delivery will arrive quickly and with safely. Currently we operate in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida and we deliver through our Courier Partners to rest of the country. Please note that you are responsible for the safe disposal of any packaging that your goods arrive in, our delivery drivers cannot take this away.

Do you charge for delivery?

We’re different to other internet bods because we deliver only using our own network of drivers. This means we can keep delivery charges down to a bare minimum so you’ll notice our prices are much lower than you might be used to. The price depends on where you live and how much you order. All orders over Rs 500 are delivered for free and orders below Rs 500 are charged at just Rs 80 (Less than 1 Kg). We Offer free delivery on Bulk Orders or Corporate clients. Please speak to our Customer support representative to place Bulk Orders or request a Demo.

I am not around to receive my order. Can it be left behind the fence, in the porch, in the shed etc?

We regret. All deliveries will require a signature to be on safe side. This is for your protection just as much as ours. If you have a neighbor who can sign for the parcel, please use their Name and Address as the shipping address details instead of your own. Please don’t use the comment box to specify your delivery requirements – the carrier is unable to honor them. We always try to contact you prior to delivery to ensure someone is available particularly when delivering large, heavy items.

Do you offer a same day/next day service?

Sorry at the moment we do not offer a same day or next day service, however most items that are in stock and do not require special installation can usually be delivered within 48 hours (if not quicker).

I have waited a week, but my order still hasn’t arrived.

Contact us to enquire about your order and quote the Order Reference Number. We aim to ship within the schedule shown in the product details.

My order was split into two different shipments. Will I be charged twice for delivery?

No, if for some reason we have to make two deliveries to you, you will only pay for the first.

What if I order something huge?

If you order something like Huge Printers or a safe we will make sure we send two extra strong delivery people who will unload and bring them inside. We will always try to call you first to check your availability to receive the order. Please note that if items are required on upper floors you must let us know prior to delivery. For items that need installing on upper floors such as safes there will be an extra charge. Please note that you are responsible for the safe disposal of any packaging that your goods arrive in, our delivery drivers cannot take this away.

I have come home and found a card detailing a missed delivery.

This card must be from our delivery driver. When they deliver a product they require a signature to ensure the goods have been received safely. In your absence they will leave a card with a phone number for you to arrange a second delivery at a time that suits you. Depending on the delivery depot in question, you might be able to request them deliver to an alternate address, although please remember that option is down to the local depot. You also have the option to collect your goods from your local depot, but please ensure you call them before setting off.


I don’t like entering my credit card details online; can I pay by any other means?

Yes you can by Cash on Delivery (Delhi – NCR) or send us a cheque.  However we use Secure Trading for our payments which use military strength security encryption.  This guarantees and states that all your transactions are secure.

How do I enter my billing address?

You will need to fill in these fields, some of which are mandatory:

First Name – Your first name which is required

Last Name – Your surname which is required

Company Name – The name of your company which is optional and can be left blank

Address 1 – The first line of your address which is required

Address 2 – The second line of your address which is optional and can be left blank

City – Your town or city name which is required

State – Your state name which is required

Country – Please select your geographical location within the INDIA

Pin code – Your pin code which is required. Please take care to enter a correct pin code, because if it is wrong we may not be able to process your credit card payment.

Company Name – Optional

Telephone Number – Required so we can contact you if there is a problem with your order

Fax Number – Optional

Email Address – Required. Please take care to enter the correct email address. If you mistype it, we may not be able to send you confirmation of your order. There is always a possibility that your name and address and your order contents will get emailed to an innocent 3rd party. Please recheck your email address before you post the same.

How do I enter my Shipping Address?

Your shipping details are automatically set to be the same as your billing address. If you need to change this just click the option in checkout and enter your new delivery details. You will need to fill in these fields, some of which are mandatory:

First Name – The recipient’s first name which is required

Last Name – The recipient’s surname which is required

Company Name – The recipient’s company name which is optional and can be left blank

Address 1 – The first line of the recipient’s address which is required

Address 2 – The second line of the recipient’s address which is optional and can be left blank

City – The recipient’s town or city name which is required

State – The recipient’s state name which is required

Country – Please select your geographical location within the INDIA

Pin code – The recipient’s postcode which is required. Please take care to enter a correct pin code, because if it is wrong we may not be able to ship your order correctly.

Comments – Optional but you can add some comments perhaps about when to ship out your order. Please do not enter specific delivery instructions (e.g. leave parcel in porch). As the order must be duly signed before the delivery is done.

Is my transaction secure?

We use authentic secure connection which basically means no-one can see or access what you are typing in. We do not view your card details at all; they go straight to the bank’s private network for authorization and are processed directly from there. We don’t see, or hold your bank details so you can rely on us knowing they are totally secure. Every on-line transaction made is processed using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption via Secure Trading. This doesn’t mean much to most people but it is an industry standard method which ensures the information sent from your browser is scrambled whilst in transit and decoded when it arrives on our server making it totally secure. We take the issue of security cautiously and have taken careful step to protect you and your data from fraudulent eyes. Our servers sit behind a state of the art hardware firewall and the computer that handles the card services is not accessible from the Internet.

Can you send me a VAT invoice for my order?

You are able to print a VAT invoice at the checkout stage. If you require another copy we can print one and post it to you although you can also print out the email attachment sent to you.

Products and Returns

The item delivered wasn’t what I ordered.

Log into your account and click on the My Orders section, choose the order concerned and click "View". At the bottom of the page click on the Return Items (add link) link underneath your order details. Then simply choose the items you need to return and what the problem is from the drop down box. Print off the supplied returns labels and we will arrange to get the wrong item collected and the correct item sent out straight away. See our Terms & Conditions (add link) regarding refunds.

I don’t like the item, I want to return it.

We can take back most items, although there are some exceptions for example customized items cannot be returned, similarly if the item has been damaged through use we will not accept it. You should contact us within 7 days of receiving your item to inform us that you wish to return it. Orders that you have had for more than 30 days cannot be returned. Please write an Email to to return an item.

The item is faulty/has broken during the warranty period.

If you have received faulty item then you need to inform us within 7 days. Please write an Email to to return an item.

Have you got a particular item in stock?

Contact us and we can check for you usually within a few hours. Our objective is to keep all our items in stock all of the time. Permanently out of stock items are removed from the site.

What happens if my products are out of stock?

It does not happen often but there are instances when the live stock feeds on our website show stock but when the delivery executive comes to pick the product in the warehouse the products run out off stock. We will either call or email you (which ever you prefer) and tell you when we have a new stock arriving. If you don’t want to wait, we will probably be able to suggest an alternative product that will do the same job. We will of course be happy to give a full re-fund if neither option is suitable. If you are not in a rush for the product and want to wait we will deliver the placed order. Sometimes the order can be delivered in Partial.

There are two prices shown, which one do I use?

The Store shows the manufacturer’s recommended selling price of the product inclusive of VAT.

I can’t see the item I want on your website.

If you cannot find a specific item, it means it is an item we do not stock, or it is an item that has been discontinued. It may be available certain week and vanish the next week as we constantly add or remove items according to their availability. If we have discontinued the item you want, please contact us and we will be able to suggest an alternative.

I saw a price on your website last week, and now it has changed.

We constantly change prices as we source products from many suppliers and as such we reserve the right to amend any price at any time.

How long are products guaranteed for?

Our minimum guarantee is 12 months but many products carry guarantees for several years. You will find details of the guarantee period in the description of the product.