Picture of 3M PostIt Memo Boards Self Stick

3M PostIt Memo Boards Self Stick

Self stick Memo Boards
Manufacturer: 3M

Product Description (PostIt Self stick memo boards)

These self stick Office boards are very helpful for office and home use, these have special glue material which can hold various types of Paper and post it notes. Does not need any pins and very light weight, hangs on the wall pretty easily. 

  • 3M Post-It Memo Boards Self Stick Display Board
  • Size: 16.5" X 11.5" Inch, 18 * 23 Inch
  • A very Useful Addition to Workspace. The Post-It Self Stick Display Baord Allows You To Simply Stick Important Papers, Memos, and Notes You Don't Want to Forget.

SKU: PNP-54-31-0000003
GTIN: 4820
Rs 320 excl tax

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