Picture of  Casio  MJ100 DA

Casio MJ100 DA

Product Code: MJ- 100 DA
Manufacturer: Casio

Product Description (Casio MJ 100 DA Calculator)

A perfect Calculator for your day to day accounting needs, the DJ 120D has a big keypad area for easy use and a wide screen for Better display. The calculator is 2 way powered device which runs on Solar and Batteries too.

  • Brand Name:Casio
  • Model No:MJ- 100DA
  • Type:Basic
  • Key Type:Plastic keys
  • Display (Digits):10
  • Power Source:Battery and Solar
  • Dimensions: Length: 35(H) × 140(W) × 191(D) mm
  • Weight: 285 g


  • 3 Year Casio India Warranty.
SKU: 4971850904564
Manufacturer part number: MJ- 100DA
Rs 361 excl tax

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