Picture of  Britannia    Bourbon Biscuits 77 gm Pouch

Britannia Bourbon Biscuits 77 gm Pouch

Product - Bourbon Biscuits, 77 gm Pouch
Manufacturer: Britannia

Product Description - (Britannia - Bourbon Biscuits 77 gm Pouch):

  • Brand: Britannia
  • Britannia Bourbon Biscuits are owned by the Britannia Industries. It is one of the most liked biscuits available in the country. Made in the state of the art manufacturing facilities of Britannia, these cookies have been capturing hearts of Indian kids for more than 10 years. The Britannia Bourbon Biscuits are not only tasty but has the goodness of chocolate flavour & sugar crystals. You can enjoy the better things in life like having your evening coffee along with the best Bourbon biscuits there are.
  • The biscuits are available in 169gm pouches. Each 100 gm contains 64g of Carbohydrates , 24g of Sugars, 7.5g of Proteins & 23g of Fat. So the next time you feel pang of hunger, think about Britannia Bourbon Biscuits.
GTIN: 19059020
Rs 8.84 excl tax

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Product Code: -Disposable Bowls 500 ML 10 GM/PC

Penandpaper Booklet

Product Code: - Penandpaper
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