Picture of 3M P3 Glass Claner Floor Cleaner (5 Ltr)

3M P3 Glass Claner Floor Cleaner (5 Ltr)

3M P3 Glass Cleaner Floor Cleaner (5 Ltr)
Manufacturer: 3M

Product Description (3M P3 Glass Claner Floor Cleaner (5 Ltr))

3M™ Glass Cleaner is an aerosol cleaner for all glass surfaces including windows, windshields, mirrors,
and side glass. May also be used to clean automotive vinyl, interior plastic and clear plastic. 3M™ Glass
Cleaner is non-flammable, and will not affect painted surfaces.

  • Brand: 3 M

  • Quantity: 5 Liters Color foamy white

  • Scent slight ammonia-like odor

  • Flash Point N/A
  • Viscosity N/A
  • pH 10.6 - 11.9
  • Vapor Density 4.07

Recommended dilution:

    • JustSpray and Wipe
    • Improves Glass reflection
    • Streak Free Cleaning
    • Neutral and Clean Solution


    • All type of glass
    SKU: 8903392002428
    GTIN: 34029092
    Rs 647 excl tax

    Disposable Bowls (500 ML) (10 GM/PC) (Clear)

    Product Code: -Disposable Bowls 500 ML 10 GM/PC

    Penandpaper Booklet

    Product Code: - Penandpaper
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