Picture of  Surf Excel  Detergent Bars (95 gm)

Surf Excel Detergent Bars (95 gm)

Product Code: Surf Excel Detergent Bars, 250 gm
Manufacturer: Surf Excel

Product Description - (Surf Excel Detergent Bars, 95 gm):

  • Brand: Surf Excel

  • Surf Excel India is one of the oldest detergent powders used nationwide.

  • Today, Surf Excel leads the premium fabric wash category in India.

  • One of the most trusted brands, nothing else gets the stains off your clothes like this brand.

  • As your child explores the world and learns different things, his/her clothes are bound to attract a lot of stains.

  • Sometimes really tough stains! To remove these you may need to use a host of different products. And that is where Surf Excel detergent bar comes into picture! India’s most premium detergent bar, Surf Excel bar now combines the cleaning benefits similar to that of vinegar, blue, bleach and lemon. Now, getting rid of stains like tea, coffee, curry, ketchup, mud, chocolate etc. is a piece of cake! A popular brand name in India, it has many loyal customers because of its efficient cleaning and stain-removing quality.

GTIN: 3401
Rs 8.6 excl tax

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