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Lamy Vista Fountain Pen

Lamy Vista
Manufacturer: Lamy Pens

Product Specifications (Lamy Vista fountain pen)

Lamy Pens makes timeless and priceless pens, one of the finest and most popular series of Pen from Lamy is the Lami Vista series pen. Clear and transparent pen is beautiful and must have for the fountain pen lovers designed and created by Wolfgang Fabian.

The Lamy Fountain Pen is non faded transparent pen comes with steel polished nib, which help smooth writting and functioing

  • Non faded transparent finish.
  • Fountain pen with catridge filling system .
  • Steel nib polishes  
  • Available nib grades: medium (M) / fine (F) / broad (B) / left-handed (LH) .  
  • Designer: Wolfgang Fabian
  • Warranty - 2years(covering only manufacturing defects)
  • Body/ Cap Color :Transparent
  • Ink Color : Blue

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GTIN: 9608
Rs 1,600 excl tax

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