Picture of Saya  Correction pen executive (Pack of 4) (SYP226)

Saya Correction pen executive (Pack of 4) (SYP226)

Product Code: SY-P226
Manufacturer: Saya

Product Description (Saya Correction pen):

  • Extra-fast drying fluid for rapid, accurate corrections.
  • Features a high quality stainless steel tip engineered to give even smoother Application.
  • Special German chemical used to give best results with improved covering power and minimize impact on environment at the same time.
  • Special bottle shape to ensure ease and convenience in usage when packed in soft Saya correction pen bottle, 58% more shelf life.
  • New Ozone safe formula helps protect environment.
  • Available in an attractive counter display.
  • Used everyday in Schools, Offices, Colleges, etc.
  • Available in both display box or an eye-catching pouch + box packing.
SKU: PNP-1590
Manufacturer part number: SY-P226
GTIN: 3824
Rs 80 excl tax
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