Picture of Cardboard Photo Frame  (WQF3)

Cardboard Photo Frame (WQF3)

Cardboard Photo Frame - (WQ-F3)
Manufacturer: PenandPaper

Product Specification

  • These photoframes are made from empty cardboard cartons we recklessly throw away. When we buy a new pair of shoes or anything that comes packaged in a carton. We have taken those very cartons and upcycled them to create these one-of-a kind pieces.
  • Size: 7" x 9" (Photo size= 4" x 6") Inch
  • Delivery time = 30 Days
  • Custom Color and company name can be printed on the photo frame for Bulk Orders, 
  • Mimumum Order Quantity = 50 Peices for Bulk Order.

Rs 460 excl tax
Product tags

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