Lamy Pens

About Lamy 

Lamy is a family owned Pen manufacturing company from Germany, Heidelberg. The company has been in existence since 1952 and are world renounded in making finest of the pens sold across the globe. The first pen manufactured from Lamy was Lamy 27 fountain series pen which was very famous for its design and esthetics. 

Lamy removated its design and a new Series was launched in 1966 with the name lamy 2000 and the Pen became an Instant hit since then, you would love to have it and use it for corporate signatures and special gifts. 

PenandPaper is proud to bring to you Lamy series of pens and writing Instruments.

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Lamy Vista Fountain Pen

Lamy Vista
Rs 1,600 excl tax

Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen

Lamy 01
Rs 11,310 excl tax

Lamy 2000 MultiSystem Pens

Lamy 2000 Multipurpose Pen (401)
Rs 5,600 excl tax

Lamy AlStar Fountain Pen

Lamy Al-Star pen, Aluminium, Dark purple, graphite Pen
Rs 2,540 excl tax

Lamy ALstar Roller Ball Pens

Lamy AL-Star Model No 325, 326, 329
Rs 1,850 excl tax

Lamy BP pico pen Refill

Lamy Refill (M22)
Rs 210 excl tax

Lamy BP refill

Lamy BP Refill (M 16)
Rs 325 excl tax

Lamy Cartridge (T10)

Lamy Cartridge (T10)
Rs 160 excl tax

Lamy CP1 Fountain Pen

Lamy CP1
Rs 4,100 excl tax

Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain Pen

Lamy Dialog 3 (74) Pladium
Rs 23,600 excl tax

Lamy Ink Bottle (T51)

Lamy Ink Bottle (T51)
Rs 260 excl tax

Lamy Logo Ball Pen

Lamy logo 204 Ball pen
Rs 730 excl tax
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