Five Unusual Ideas to Promote Your Business

Five Unusual Ideas to Promote Your Business

It’s hard to escape marketing messages these days.  There are advertisements everywhere; on busses and billboards, on TV, in magazines, and even sent directly to our phones.  This means that more and more people are becoming “ad blind”, and if you want people to notice your marketing messages then you’ll need to get creative.  Here’s a look at a few of the most interesting marketing campaigns of the last few years – these are the sorts of things that will make people stop and take a second look at your message.

1.    Microsoft and Nokia’s Dare to Live

Microsoft and Nokia teamed up to run a series of UK events where they challenged people to perform a series of tasks on their mobile phones.  If they managed to do those tasks more quickly on their phone than the company reps did on a Windows Phone 8 device, they would win a prize.  If they lost, they had to do a crazy stunt such as a reverse bungee jump, or a rope-climbing obstacle course.

This campaign quickly went viral, with winners and losers tweeting and uploading videos about the event.

2.    O2’s Work Anywhere – Literally

Another company that staged some interesting UK events was O2 – to prove that it’s possible to work anywhere if you have their broadband service, the company ran a publicity stunt where they had a man working from a desk suspended from the top of a building in a busy part of London.

3.    Plantronics Headset Promotions

Plantronics showed off their new gaming headset to members of the press during one of the games industry’s biggest international events, Gamescom, by inviting reporters to go for a ride in a helicopter and try out the headset to see how good the sound quality and noise reduction is.  Of course, reporters are supposed to be neutral in their reviews, but I’m sure the chance to ride in a helicopter will have left a positive impression on them.

4.    Germanwings – Guerilla Marketing

Germanwings filmed a promotional video, supposedly on an EasyJet flight, where they sat their representatives in various positions around the plane, and then held up speech-bubble shaped cards bemoaning the rival company’s economy level service.  Confused fellow passengers can be heard laughing in the background.  If the context of the video is real, then it’s a hilarious marketing stunt.

5.    Chubb Nord’s Scary Direct Mail

Chubb Nord, the Alarm Safety Systems company, ran a direct mail promotion where they delivered balloons painted to look like a burglar in a balaclava.  The balloons were put through the recipient’s letterboxes and then inflated from the outside.  On the back of the balloon was a message saying “Lucky for you it’s ONLY A BALLOON and NOT A GANG OF BURGLARS”.  The campaign led to the company’s website traffic more than doubling, and, presumably, a lot of scared homeowners buying security systems.

If you’re thinking of running a creative campaign, either locally, or at international events, you should think carefully about how the campaign will be received.  Chubb Nord’s campaign was a success, but sometimes publicity stunts can go wrong, and a worried homeowner could call the police if they think something has been tampered with or damaged.

If you’re sure your campaign will go down well, consider bringing in a specialist team to help organize the event, or manage the media attention that your publicity stunt will receive.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of AMA Events who can organize both UK and international events. Please visit their site for more info.

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